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Originally named as Johannes Möller do Brasil (JMB), the company was founded in 1976. As a subsidiary of Johannes Möller Hamburg, Germany, the company served the Brazilian market supplying bulk handling, pneumatic conveying and silos for pellets and dry powders for the chemical, petrochemical and mineral industries, including components, projects, and systems.
In January 1998 the German industrial group with more than 50 years of experience in bulk materials handling and storage acquired the company JMB changing its name to JMB ZEPPELIN.



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Zeppelin GmbH is the direct successor to the airship construction company founded by Count Zeppelin. After the airship era, the group developed into the present-day modern industrial company with diversified products and market segments.
Since 2004 the Zeppelin Group incorporated several German companies, expanding its business areas.

Recently, in order to unify the companies of the group and make the global corporate presence more evident, all company names have been changed to Zeppelin. The Brazilian subsidiary changed its business name to:

  • Zeppelin Systems Latin America Equip. Ind. Ltda.

ZEPPELIN stands for ideas, achievement, and progress.  

High-quality standards have always been Zeppelin’s trademark. Today the program includes pneumatic conveying systems, elutriators, material’s classification, blending, heating, cooling, storage, feeding and extraction of bulk materials as well as dust removal (dedusting) equipment.

Projects are made according to customers’ specific needs, new plants are designed or existing ones modernized. Complete plants are delivered including automation, individual systems as well as components for bulk materials handling.

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