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Aeroslide/ Conveying pads
Pads with fluidization system, peep holes and inspection lids for material's conveying. Sloping installation.
Air control unit (AQU)
Controls the flow of air that is necessary to convey pneumatically different materials, capacities and distances.
Air generation unit (AGU)
Supplies oil-free air at low temperature for pneumatic conveying systems. It is also appropriate to fluidize silos and conveying pads, to aerate silos, etc. This versatile equipment, that can be moved easily, is provided with quick couplings so that connection to the desired system is fast and simple. The air generation unit is equipped with acoustic hood, heat exchanger (responsible for temperature reduction), and control panel, through which the movable rotary feeder can be controlled.
Pneumatic elevating equipment designed to convey vertically powdered materials, such as cement, lime, alumina, minerals, sinter dust from power generation plants, etc.
Appropriate for high temperature and abrasive products.
Elevating capacity up to 100 m.
Bag filters
Retain particles in positive pressure or vacuum conveying systems for powdered or grained materials
Filters with automatic bags self-cleaning system
Operate with low compressed air consumption
Hopper or bin vent type
Round or rectangular sections
Appropriate for classified areas
Big Bag Unloaders (discharger)
Equipment designed to discharge powdered or grained materials from big bags (single or double) or bags.
Prepared to admit dedusting equipment.
Carbon steel or stainless steel construction.
Brewing and Malting
Zeppelin Systems provides complete malting plants from the receipt, grading and ensiling of the barley to the maceration, germination and drying processes.
BT Rotary valves (Blow Through)
These valves can be installed in narrow places. They are adequate for cohesive or humid materials that would bring down the conveying capacity if dosed by conventional valves. They do not require pneumatic ejector. Circular flanges for material's throughput allow for direct connection either to the piping or to flexible tubes using quick couplings. Dedusting is integrated to the housing of the valve. Constructed of carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
Bucket elevator
Hauling equipment for large quantities of powdered or granulated materials. Hauling steps up to 100 m height. Efficient and quick discharge system. Easy bucket filling without depositions of material. Conveying capacity up to 520 m³/h. Plastic or carbon steel buckets. Reliable solution for malt, limestone, cement coal, gypsum and row meal, among others.
Bulktilter ®
Bulktilter is an equipment developed for loading and unloading containers with internal liner for various products in pellets or powder, such as: polymers, coffee, carbon black, grains, fertilizers, alumina and plastic pellets, among many others.
Coated bends
Bends can be delivered with different types of coating
These bends apply to abrasive products conveyed in pneumatic conveying systems
CODOS® The continuous mixing and kneading system
The Codos® Systems consists of mixer and kneader, including dosing for dry ingredients, fat, and liquids.
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