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Air generation unit (AGU)

AGU_Air Generation de Unit
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Supplies oil-free air at low temperature for pneumatic conveying systems. It is also appropriate to fluidize silos and conveying pads, to aerate silos, etc. This versatile equipment, that can be moved easily, is provided with quick couplings so that connection to the desired system is fast and simple. The air generation unit is equipped with acoustic hood, heat exchanger (responsible for temperature reduction), and control panel, through which the movable rotary feeder can be controlled.
Zeppelin Systems' air-generating unit has been developed to serve pneumatic and fluidized transport systems in order to provide air to an acceptable standard for the quantity of water, oil and temperature reduction of the fluid (air) resulting from a compression process.
Due to its versatility of locomotion (on wheels) and because it is easy to install (quick couplings) the unit is widely used in the most varied industrial areas, achieving much more than desired performance. Get rid of the water and oil problem from large compressed air networks and use equipment that will end up with problems of clogging of pneumatic conveying lines, saturation of fluidizing elements, and physical and chemical changes generated by heating.

  • • Movable equipment, versatile, robust construction, compact design
  • • Easy installation, equipped with panel for power and air connection through quick couplings;
  • • Compact design on frame provided with wheels, easy to move by any towing vehicle;
  • • Blower with acoustic hood, low noise level;
  • • Easy maintenance - easy access to components;
  • • Easy mobility of the equipment avoids long fixed air distribution piping;
  • • Temperature reduction through high output air/air heat exchangers;
  • • Allows for conveying system’s rotary valve control and feeding.

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