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Bag filters

Bag filter
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Retain particles in positive pressure or vacuum conveying systems for powdered or grained materials Filters with automatic bags self-cleaning system Operate with low compressed air consumption Hopper or bin vent type Round or rectangular sections Appropriate for classified areas
Whenever there is a pneumatic conveying system the danger of the product being worked on being transported into the environment together with the air outlet is imminent, so a large-scale filter or dust-collecting system is designed to retain particles that may mix with the external environment. The bag filters can be used for top of silos, hoppers, scales, bin vent, among other equipments. It is important to mention that it is possible to construct a large-scale dedusting system that collects fine particulate matter from several collection points in a factory (it can be considered a larger scale filter), which serves pneumatic systems of large sizes.
3D Bag Filter
Dust Plenum - where air mixed with particles is trapped.
Clean Plenum - In this location there is air from the transport already cleaned by the filtration process.
Bag Cage - this is the element where the particles that can not be released in the environment have been retained.
Compressed air tank - where compressed air is reserved.
Solenoid Valves - Valves that control the long air and when actuated clean the already impregnated filter elements.
The most particulate air enters the filter and passes through the filter elements, which retains the particulate material and releases the clean air into the atmosphere. This process impregnates the filter element with the particulate material, and over time makes it difficult to pass air and increases the pressure difference between the dirty and clean sides (we can mention the Intelli-filter, Zeppelin product that measures and interprets this information and triggers cleaning of the filter elements automatically and only when necessary).
The use of filters, besides saving products that no longer go to the external environment, is extremely necessary for environmental and work safety, which makes it an important element for the correct functioning of manufacturing plants, since the legislation determines that a producer does not can let the particulate content of its production leave the external environment in a free form.
In this case we have side-by-side the bag filter and the 3D dedusting system respectively.
The main advantages of the filter are:
· Filter with easy operation to clean filter elements;
· Robust equipment made of carbon steel or stainless steel material;
· Equipment manufactured according to customer's needs;
· Filter manufactured to meet food grade.
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