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Container discharge unit (CDU)
The container discharge unit is utilized to discharge different types of powdered or grained products from bags, big bags and especially from containers or small hoppers. It is also an adequate equipment to feed pneumatic conveying systems.
Conveying vessel
Conveying vessels are a perfect solution for dense phase pneumatic conveying for powdered or grained dry bulk materials, due to their versatile applications
Low energy consumption
Suitable for high temperature and abrasive products
Closed system avoids pollution
Appropriate for short, medium and long distances
Appropriate for high conveying capacities
Conveyors and Dosing Screw
Models with single screw, double screws or special screws. Equipment appropriate for conveying and dosing of dry powdered or grained materials. Can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Best cost / benefit ratio
This equipment guarantees maximum efficiency in separating solids from conveying gas by centrifugal action. Gas is eliminated through the superior part of the cyclone and the solids through the inferior part.
Diverter valve
The function of this valve is to divert the material flow from the main pneumatic conveying line to different points, such as silos, cyclones, classifiers, etc.
Appropriate for high temperature and abrasive products
Angle of 25º
Compact construction
Available in 9 different models (diameters from 2-/12" to 14")
Dosing valve
With both dosing and locking function (for bulk materials)
Appropriate for high temperature and abrasive products
Operates in combination with weighing, conveying and loading systems, silos, storage, distribution and dosing of powdered or grained materials
Dry Powder Sampler
Collects samples in depressurized points of the conveying system for test purposes.
This equipment is appropriate for dilute phase conveying systems to remove suspended dust particles (by electrostatic force attached to pellets).
Fluidized Cone for Silos
Fluidized cones are the best solution to discharge sticky materials from silos. Their fluidized jacket that covers the entire inside of the cone allows for complete discharge. The product is never in direct touch with the cone. Equipped with the air tank that provides the fluidizing air. Made of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
Gate valve
Specially designed to block material flow in pneumatic conveying systems
Adequate for high temperature and abrasive products
Operation can be manual or pneumatic
Humidifying screws
Robust construction with wear plates
Spraying nozzles (water) restrain from powder formation during wagon or truck loading
Appropriate for minerals, foods and chemicals
The INTELLI-FILTER is a programmable electronic sequencer for filter elements cleaning. The INTELLI-FILTER was developed to start the cleaning cycle only when absolutely necessary, generating savings in power consumption and compressed air, and longer life of filter elements. Further the INTELLI-FILTER is a smart WiFi device that syncronizes with ANDROID phones thru a freely downloadable APP.
The main benefit is to avoid climbing to the top of silos, only to check proper operation of filter air supply system or filter element integrite.
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