Zeppelin Systems

Customer satisfaction questionnaire

Specify the product purchased:
Suggestions, criticisms and comments:
Client satisfaction index Zeppelin Systems compared to its competition is
N/A Excellent Good Regular Bad Better Equal Worse
Creativity in developing alternatives
Availability at the reception and customer care
Financing and payment options
Technical expertise aggregated to international experience
Response time to request
Ethics, negotiation, transparency
Flexibility in problem solving
Meeting of your requests
Speed of response to any non-conformities
Friendliness, promptness, politeness and courtesy
Zeppelin Systems image in the market
Reliability, functionality of the product
Dimensional control
Welding quality
Finishing and painting quality
Flexibility as to possible project modifications
Reliability of our quality system
Qualification of the professionals with whom you keep in touch
Timeliness of delivery
Quality of receipt, packaging
Post-sales service
General concept
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