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Food is our passion

    No need to make any compromises especially in demanding tasks within the bakery, confectionery, and baby food industries, but instead allow the leading experts to design and construct your system. Zeppelin is the market leader within the industry.    


No other company can boast such extensive experience in the construction of modern systems within the food technology sector. Customers from the food industry especially appreciate our comprehensive know-how in all areas of handling raw materials: the receipt, storage, discharging, conveying, processing, metering, mixing and controlling of raw materials. We develop outstanding solutions in all areas.
    Our range is impressive:

* Fresh baked goods
* Extended shelf-life baked goods
* Pasta products
* Confectionery
* Dairy products

* Cereals
* Finished mixes/baking additives
* Spices
* Instant beverages
* Baby food


Material Receiving and Storage of Liquid and Powdery Raw Materials

Outdoor storage tank Sugar silo    


Mixing Technology


Inline multi-component mixing system Metering from raw material containers Volumetric metering  

Dry Matrial Handling and Metering


Minor ingredient handling (dissolving, temperature controlling, metering) Dry material metering Dry materials intermediate
storage / supply


Thermal Product Treatment

Preheating / degassing / heating / cooling Compact system design    


Sugar Processing


BigBag handling Metering screws Dissolving / pasteurizing / filtering / storage  


Filtration Systems

MF-system in pilot-plant dimensions Candle filter package units Complete line for water processing Ultrafiltration system raw material recovery


CIP-Cleaning / Waste Water Treatment


CIP System in compact design Mobile CIP System    


Automation / Supervisory System


Our Solutions for Solids And Liquids
Raw material handling from A to Z             Continuous dough production: Codos«System
Raw material handling
from A to Z
Sugar processing
    Continuous dough production: Codos®System
    Cross contamination-free container system ReciPure«     Cleaning     Automation
Highspeed dough production:
    Cross contamination-free container system ReciPure®    


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