Zeppelin Systems


From a local tank manufacturer to an international engineering company

Everyone knows the story about Graf Zeppelin's airships that bore his name. The historic flights, but also the Hindenburg tragedy will always remain in people's memories.

Change as an opportunity

The history of the large aviation company is closely linked to the history of Zeppelin Systems GmbH, because the downfall of one resulted in the rise of the other.

In 1947 the Allied military administration ordered the dismantling and foreclosure of the aviation group. With no production facilities, the end of the Zeppelin organisation seemed inevitable. However, giving up was not an option for the proud Zeppelin employees. The company focused on the wealth of know-how that had been acquired in the production of airships. Great masterpieces had been achieved, particularly in aluminium processing technology. Therefore, Metallwerke Friedrichshafen GmbH was founded and a new start was made with the production of lightweight structures and large containers for the chemical industry.

Growth opportunities exploited

Success was not long in coming. Zeppelin silos very quickly had an excellent reputation in the market. Over the years, the portfolio was extended to include other key components for the bulk material industry. The company gradually developed into a specialist for the storage, conveying, mixing, metering and weighing of high-quality bulk materials.

Subsidiaries were founded in Belgium, Italy, India, Singapore, the USA, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, England and China. The company's business areas were substantially expanded at the dawn of the new millennium through strategic alliances and acquisitions.

Polymer Plants, Plastics Processing & Rubber Plants, Food Technology, Liquids Processing and Mixing Technology are handled by the industry sectors, in which we “feel at home.” Zeppelin is now the world's leading plant engineering company for the handling of high-quality bulk materials.
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