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Minerals - Cement - Alumina

Zeppelin Systems Latin America offers handling, homogenizing and storage solutions for cement, lime, grinded limestone, coal, nickel, alumina, etc. The corresponding conveying systems speed up industrial processes, thus, achieving increased productivity and reduced costs.


High capacity mono-chamber and multi-chamber silos

Product's transfer from the receiving of raw materials to blending and final dispatch is guaranteed by Zeppelin's tailor-made systems, fabricated according to strict international quality standards.


Special silos - Inverted cone technology


  • Storage and handling of powdered or grained bulk materials.
  • Maximum discharge efficiency and adequate blending.
  • Minimum power consumption.
  • Inverted cone guarantees uniform level of product and extraction efficiency of 99%.
  • Discharge equipment installed under the cone is responsible for high extraction capacities.
  • Fluidized conveyor channels work alternatively.
  • Diameters from 10 to 25 m.
  • They can be des signed, such that homogenizing of the product is achieved.


Wagon or truck bulk loading

Complete silo discharge systems, fluidized conveyor channels and loading spouts for truck or wagon bulk loading.

Movable spouts with pantographic aeroslide systems, mobile box with fluidized bottom or conveying screws - allowing for longitudal adjustment up to 20 m and lateral up to 0,6 m.


Pressure vessel conveyors

Due to their versatile applications, conveying vessels are a perfect solution for dense phase pneumatic conveying for powdered or grained dry bulk materials.

  • Low energy consumption.
  • Suitable for high temperature and abrasive products.
  • Its closed system complies with the environmental requirements.
  • Appropriate for short, medium and long distances.


Double pressure vessels transporters

  • Appropriate for high conveying capacities.
  • Appropriate for long distances.
  • Allows for continuous operation.

Dosing function: controls the volume of the materials to be conveyed (powder, granulates, delicate materials, high temperature or abrasive products),

Locking function: introduces solids in high-pressure areas; restricting the passage of air or gas and isolating high pressure from low pressure systems.


Rotary valves

Are applicable to high temperatures or abrasive products, ex-proof fabrication.                                                                 

Dosing and blocking function. 



Pneumatic vertically elevating equipment designed to convey powdered materials, such as cement, lime, alumina, minerals, sinter dust from power generation plants, etc.

Appropriate for high temperatures and abrasive products. Elevating capacity more than 100 meters and conveying capacity up to 800 t/h.


Screw Pump


  • Suitable for pneumatic conveying of abrasive products in dilute phase and outdoor installation.
  • Conveying capacity over 250 t/h.
  • Available in 10 sizes.


Loading and unloading spouts


  • Equipment for train wagon or truck loading (bulk materials) and silo unloading.
  • For abrasive materials in extreme operating conditions.
  • Motorized gear in various sizes, with capacities over 250 t/h.


Deviation chute
  • The perfect equipment to divert the material flow between two ways.
  • Installed in vertical throughput position.
  • Manual, motorized or pneumatic drive.
  • Can be operated with high temperature and abrasive materials.
  • Angle of slope: 20, 30 or 45 º.                                                                                                                                         


Coated bends

Bends can be delivered with different types of internal coating.

These bends apply to pneumatic conveying systems for abrasive products.



This equipment guarantees maximum efficiency in separating solids from conveying gas by centrifugal action.

The gas is eliminated through the superior part of the cyclone and the solids through the inferior part.


Discharge of big bags and bags

Equipment designed to discharge powdered or grained materials from big bags (single or double) or bags.
It is also prepared to admit dedusting equipment. In carbon or stainless steel construction.


Lump breaker

Installed at the extraction point of the silo, the lump breaker smashes the material that has turned into stone, facilitating conveying and storage.

Appropriate for abrasive products.



Aeroslides with fluidization system used to convey materials in sloping installation.
Equipped with peep holes and inspection lids.


Round diverter for Aeroslides

Appropriate to divert the material flow between two ways in pneumatic conveying systems with Aeroslides installed in horizontal passage.

The operation can be manual, motorized or pneumatic.


Gate valve

Specially designed to block the material flow in pneumatic conveying systems. It is possible to use them for abrasive materials and for high temperatures. 

Operation can be manual or pneumatic.


Bag filters
  • Retain particles in positive pressure or vacuum conveying systems for powdered or pellets. Bag's cleaning system with low compressed air consumption.
  • Hopper or bin vent type.
  • Round or rectangular sections.
  • Appropriate for classified areas.


              Humidifying screws
  • Robust construction with wear plates.
  • Spraying nozzles (water) restrain from powder formation during wagon or truck loading.
  • Appropriate for minerals, foods and chemicals.


Diverter valve

The function of this valve is to divert the material flow from the main pneumatic conveying line to different points, such as silos, cyclones, classifiers, etc.

  • Appropriate for high temperature and abrasive products.
  • Angle of 25º.
  • Compact construction.
  • Available in 9 different models (diameters from 2 1/2" to 14").


Dosing valve
  • With both, dosing and locking function (for bulk materials).
  • Appropriate for high temperature and abrasive products.
  • Operates in combination with weighing systems, silos, loading systems, conveying, storage, distribution and dosing of powdered or granulated materials.


Spheriseg - Semi-spherical valve

Valve for pneumatic conveying systems through conveying vessel. Its main function is the sealing of the system.


Bucket elevator
  • Best equipment to elevate large quantities of powdered or grained materials.
  • Elevation steps up to 100 m height.
  • Efficient and fast discharge of materials.
  • Conveying capacity up to 520 m3/h.
  • Plastic, carbon steel or stainless steel buckets.
  • Reliable conveying for malt, lime, cement, coal, gypsum and raw meal among other products.


Screw conveyors and dosing screws
  • Models with single screw, double screws or special screws.
  • Appropriate for conveying and dosing of dry powdered or grained materials.
  • Fabricated of carbon or stainless steel. Best cost / benefit ratio.


Anti segregation systems for alumina

Equipment for alumina silos to prevent segregation of the product.

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