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Other industrial segments

There are many other applications for bulk handling, conveying and storage systems. Zeppelin Systems Latin America is qualified to serve nearly all industrial areas and to offer adequate solutions for specific cases.


Pneumatic conveying

Zeppelin Systems Latin America conveys nearly all kind of dry solid bulk materials without contamination risks in dilute or dense phase, depending on the product. To discharge tanks, to feed silos or systems all equipment from Zeqppelin Systems Latin America guarantees safe conveying either by positive or negative pressure.


Breweries / Malting plants


Equipment for malt processing and breweries: malt receiving, dedusting systems, screw and chain conveyors, bucket elevators, silos and hoppers with load cells, supervisory, safety equipment such as ex-proof gates, cleaning machines, kilns, truck loading through loading spouts, steeping tanks, germination boxes, among others.


Food industries

Zeppelin Systems Latin America designs complete bulk handling systems for food industries; among others for flour, sugar, powdered milk, pre-mix for bread, paste foods, biscuits, flavoring additives and tea grades as well as seeds (coffee grains, cereals, etc.).


Silos for sugar and flour

Stainless steel or aluminum silos for food industries. Equipped with safety devices, such as ex-proof panel, over and under pressure valves, bag filters, vibratory bottom, level switches and, optionally, load cells and supervisory.



Chemical industries

Petrochemical industries are excluded under this headline because they need special solutions.
Zeppelin Systems Latin America designs silos, tanks and pneumatic conveying systems for receiving and processing of basic raw materials used in chemical industries, such as dyes, pigments and coloring additives as well as other powdered or grained products.


Atmospheric tanks for liquids

Mechanical and civil project. Equipment made of carbon or stainless steel, aluminum or other materials. Supply of completely assembled tanks (whenever their dimensions allow for transportation by standard trucks) or pre-assembled, in which case assembly is concluded at site by a specialized team of Zeppelin Systems Latin America.


Bucket elevators

Hauling equipment for large quantities of powdered or granulated materials. Hauling steps up to 100 m height. Efficient and quick discharge system. Easy bucket filling without depositions of material. Conveying capacity up to 520 m3/h. Plastic or carbon steel buckets. Reliable solution for malt, limestone, cement coal, gypsum and row meal, among others.


Conveying screws

Robust construction with single, double or special screw. Appropriate to convey and dose dry bulk materials. Made of carbon or stainless steel. Excellent cost / benefit ratio.

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