Zeppelin Systems

Petrochemical Industries

Zeppelin Systems Latin America meets the petrochemical industries in implementing new plants and major projects related to the expansion of production capacity for thermoplastic resins. Zeppelin Germany is a worldwide leader in supplying these products and services.


Aluminum or stainless steel silos
Zeppelin Systems Latin America supplies large aluminum or stainless steel storage or blending silos, even with complex welding works and final assembly at site. The capacity of the silos will meet the client's needs and can vary from 10m2 to 3000 m3.

Pneumatic conveying
Bulk materials can be pneumatically conveyed in different manners, depending on the chemical and physical properties of the product. All vital components to the system, such as rotary valves, diverter valves, elutriators, etc. are fabricated by Zeppelin Systems Latin America in Brazil.


Complete integration
By choosing Zeppelin Systems as your partner you will have a reduced number of interfaces. The complete integration of pneumatic and mechanical systems, as well as power and control systems, will assure you a perfect synchronism from engineering to start-up.


Logistic platform
Zeppelin Systems Latin America is the only Brazilian company with a specialized team to supply a complete plant and all its equipment, from the reactor to final dispatch of the product, including a complete logistic platform.

Optium distribution logistics with Zeppelin silos.



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