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Plastic processing industries

An art in itself

    Charging a wide range of materials and raw materials very carefully and accurately dosed in a specific sequence into the respective process at a precise time: this is the greatest challenge in the design of engineering solutions in plastics processing.    

For these industries, Zeppelin Systems Latin America offers complete receiving systems for bulk raw materials discharge (PP, PET, PET, among others). Powdered raw materials or in pellets can be discharged from bags, big bags, trucks, etc.

A correctly designed bulk receiving system brings competitive advantages; reducing considerably the raw materials handling costs.

Accurate storage reduces costs and avoids contamination

Raw materials are discharged into aluminum or stainless steel silos. Correct storage is especially advantageous because it:
• releases floor space;
• reduces amount of workers and labor risks;
• minimizes product losses;
• avoids contamination of raw materials.



Pneumatic conveying for silo feeding
The conveying system can be designed for positive pressure in dilute or dense phase. Depending on the characteristics of each product, Zeppelin Systems Latin America helps to choose the best solution for each specific case. Zeppelin Systems Latin America has large experience and know-how in all conveying technologies and can optimize the projects for dry material's discharge.


Raw materials receiving and storage equipment from Zeppelin Systems Latin America are reliable systems for the processing industry, increasing productivity and reducing product losses.



Aluminum or stainless steel silos
Zeppelin Systems Latin America supplies large aluminum or stainless steel storage or blending silos, even with complex welding works and final assembly at site. The capacity of the silos will meet the client's needs and can vary from 10m2 to 3000 m3

Pneumatic conveying
Bulk materials can be pneumatically conveyed in different manners, depending on the chemical and physical properties of the product. All vital components to the system, such as rotary valves, diverter valves, elutriators, etc. are fabricated by Zeppelin Systems Latin America in Brazil.



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