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PVC and Plastics Compounds

Zeppelin Systems Latin America offers excellent solutions for Compounding and mixing of PVC and other dry bulk raw materials (CaCO3 and additives) receiving or unloading of powdered or granulated products from bags, big bags and trucks, among others.

An accurately designed receiving system for bulk materials has substantial advantages. It reduces considerably raw materials' handling costs, increases productivity and avoids pollution.

Correct storage reduces costs and avoids contamination

 Raw materials can be directly unloaded and conveyed to aluminum silos, consequently there is:

- more free floor space in production facility
- less need to shift raw materials, thus less risk of accidents
- minimum product loss
- no contamination risk

Perfect pneumatic conveying: suction or pressure

Pneumatic conveying can be done by suction or positive pressure.

Depending on capacities and characteristics of goods, Zeppelin Systems helps to choose the best solution for each specific case.

Zeppelin Systems dominates both technologies and has the know-how and experience to optimize any specific project.


Weighing and dosing of materials
From silos to process, reliable conveying, weighing or dosing of materials in optimized energetic conditions.

Installing Zeppelin Systems LA equipment to feed process machines helps to reduce product losses while increasing the reliability of the whole process system


Plants for PVC processing

Completely stable conditions in processing PVC powder are essential to the stability of the plant.

When processing batches, the dosing system must assure continuous and long-term precision and reliability according to the highest international standards in order to guarantee high-quality of final products.


Integrating different raw materials to the fabrication process requires correct execution of formulas. Automated equipment with modern and programmable control systems are the answer to this challenge.

Frequent changes of formulas call for quick cleaning of the equipment.

All raw materials and additives for the formula, inclusively those difficult to handle because of their characteristics, will be dosed automatically in order to comply with the combination of heating / cooling conditions required for the mixer.

After mixing, the blended products are conveyed to the extruder via intermediate storage silos.


Rely on Zeppelin's technology by choosing the best conveying system to handle your goods. Depending on your operation pressure and materials characteristics,  suction conveying or screw conveyor will be chosen in order to minimize  the unavoidable material segregation.
Remember that careful handling reduces considerably the segregation problems.

If necessary, specially designed blending silos can be installed in order to avoid segregation problems









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