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Rubber and tires

Through its subsidiary in Brazil, Zeppelin Systems GmbH, Germany, serves almost all large tire manufacturers in Latin America.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America also designs and supplies complete solutions for receiving, feeding and dosing of raw materials for manufacturers of rubber articles.

Pneumatic conveying system

All raw materials required to produce rubber, among others, carbon black, silica and zinc oxide, are conveyed according to modern technologies. Conveying in low motion avoids product's degradation and generation of fines. This solution guarantees the best quality of the raw materials used to fabricate the final product.


Carbon black weighing system

The Zeppelin Systems Latin America offers a flexible weighing scale for carbon black. Its fluidized vibrating  system is responsible for quick an precise discharge to the mixer. The self-calibration system with standard weights ensures the required precision for your process, even for very quick discharge cycles to the mixers.


Liquids handling system

Handling systems for liquids are another highlight among the products of Zeppelin Systems Latin America. They involve: receiving, storage, conveying in heated pipes, dosing, weighing and injection to the mixer. Self-calibration systems with standard weights also apply to these systems, ensuring maximal precision even for quick discharge cycles to the mixers.


Weighing systems for small components

This system has been designed to prepare very complex recipes while avoiding human errors and offering complete traceability of all components involved. Process precision is guaranteed by high precision weighing scales.


The TRACEMAT® consists of a carrousel for raw materials. The integrated control system keeps a precise log for each ingredient used in the mixture, guaranteeing exact composition and origin of each charge, completely flexible and error-proof.


Polymers weighing systems

Other solutions for raw materials handling are weighing conveying belts and injection to the mixer. They guarantee weighing precision and quick injection to the mixer. Self-calibration systems with standard weights also apply for these systems, guaranteeing best precision, even of very quick discharge cycles to the mixers.


Control system

In addition to equipment, Zeppelin Systems Latin America also offers complete process automation according to customer's needs. This would include power distribution, weighing controls, central servers, data on formulas and materials, files, remote monitoring and control stations.

Zeppelin Systems Latin America develops from a simple functional description to a complete system according to client's specifications, helping in achieving total control and traceability.


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