Zeppelin Systems

Social Responsibility


Ethical Conduct

Ethical conduct and sustainability in terms of legal, economic, ecological and social responsibility are important components in the procurement function of Zeppelin Systems GmbH and all its subsidiaries. This includes long-term business relationships based on trust and suppliers conducting their business in compliance with the law.  

To learn more about our policy,  clique here or Living Responsibly  

Mission statement

We – Which means both every individual as well as all Zeppelin employees as a whole are responsible for implementing our mission statement. We act across departments and countries in the interests of our customers.  
Create – We plan, organize, shape, repair, calculate, analyze, manufacture, process and advise. Individually, considerately and reliably, for every customer.   
Solutions – We find a lasting solution to meet the needs of every customer. This increases customer satisfaction and ensures our success.  


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